Keeping Ahead of the Future

By Ross Dawson

Global Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Strategy Advisor, Author
Latest news and insights to help you keep ahead in a rapidly changing world

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Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #14

Wishing you a wonderful turning of the seasons! Many developments on my side with some announcements of exciting new projects coming soon. On we are actively building our Companies creating the future section, with a couple of the pieces link...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #13

Throughout my work in the professional services sector over the last couple of decades I have long pointed to the potential of virtual professional services delivery. Now that COVID has made virtual work the norm, we have researched and shared the stories a...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #12

Happy April! I am embarrassed it's been so long since I have posted a newsletter, it's easy to drop off the priorities list but I will now aim to give you some reasonably regular value for having subscribed - thank you again!!I have been ramping up my ventu...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #11

Thank you for being part of Keeping Ahead of the Future!Below in this newsletter, extensive coverage of the current implications of the COVID-19 crisis and looking past the pandemic to the future of work, society, news, travel, relationships, and more... Me...


Launch: The Virtual Excellence Show - participate and explore the best of virtual!

A different update this time, I am launching a new live-streaming show, The Virtual Excellence Show, focusing on how we can excel at virtual work and play!The first episode is out later this week and then will air live weekly at the times below. Please join...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #9

We most certainly live in interesting times! We must consider scenarios of global pandemic, as well as the potential that the current scare recedes before long. Among other impacts, events are being cancelled all over the world, resulting in less travel tha...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #8

I always love the sheer diversity of my work. Over the last months I have delivered keynotes on the future of... government, project management, mutual insurance, cyber-security, health supply chains, regional development, professional services, and retail,...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #7

It is past the middle of the year, and the days are now waxing or waning, depending on which hemisphere you live in! Amid my busy speaking calendar, including keynotes and workshops on topics such as the future of investment, the future of professional serv...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #6

Two central themes of my recent work have been board innovation and the future of capital markets and investment (including the possible shape of post-capitalism). I recent ran the inaugural Directing Innovation programs for Australian Institute of Company ...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #5

It's getting a little late to say Happy New Year! However warm wishes to you for the duration of 2019. I managed to get in a different frame of mind for while, helped by a switched-off vacation in Tonga, now I'm fully in the fray with a variety of client en...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #4

As we head into the Southern spring I’ve been continuing to keep busy with client engagements, including a recent trip to Bangkok to talk about strategies for emerging technologies, helping a major insurer look at the future of life insurance, and working w...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #3

Sorry it's been a while since the last issue! I have been fully committed with client work for a while, but I will endeavour to make these more frequent irrespective. Recent work has included a series of keynotes for Oracle clients on 'Technology Leadership...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #2

Three key themes are dominating my work at the moment. As I work on developing a framework on the impact and value of Artificial Intelligence I am experiencing increasing demand for keynotes and executive briefings on the topic. I am frequently working with...


Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #1

After many years without sending out a newsletter it's now time to resume. The primary intention of this new irregular newsletter is to be as useful and interesting as possible, compiling the most relevant things I am seeing as I scan the edge of the future...