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Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #1
By Ross Dawson • Issue #1 • View online
After many years without sending out a newsletter it’s now time to resume. The primary intention of this new irregular newsletter is to be as useful and interesting as possible, compiling the most relevant things I am seeing as I scan the edge of the future, as well as resources on how we can be our own futurists in a rapidly changing world. 
I will also share a little on what I am thinking, writing and speaking about in my work and on my travels. The newsletter will evolve over time as I try different approaches, but the focus on value to the reader to will always be the guiding principle! Thanks for joining me on the journey. 

Scanning the edge of the future
Scientists Are Using AI to Painstakingly Assemble Single Atoms
US scientists transfer memory from one snail to another by transplanting RNA
How the World’s Biggest Companies Are Fine-Tuning the Robot Revolution - WSJ
Nvidia’s researchers teach a robot to perform simple tasks by observing a human
Believing the Future Will Be Favorable May Prevent Action
Selected new resources on
An overview of futures and foresight in government agencies around the world
Keynote slides: Business in the Age of AI
Cyborg rights: law and society must allow us to modify ourselves
How will a pedestrian’s death shape the future of autonomous cars?
An update on what I'm up to
If you haven’t heard from me for some time, a quick update… 
After gradually building Advanced Human Technologies Group to five companies alongside my work as a futurist, I was finding my time and resources were stretched far too thinly. I had taken on too much. As such I accepted an offer to be co-founder of a well-funded future-focused agency and ventures group, Rh7thm, bringing my core businesses over to the new group in the transition.  
However as CEO and Chief Futurist of an early-stage group of companies, I was still splitting my time between futurist and entrepreneur roles, and frustrated in not being able to do either properly.  I deeply love working as a futurist - it is my truest calling - so I decided late last year to focus on that rather than trying to run multiple ventures simultaneously, and returned to work out of my futures consultancy Future Exploration Network.
This year my focus is working globally as a keynote speaker, strategy facilitator and board advisor. The demand for my work in this area has been exceptional, including a wide variety of extremely interesting work across North America, Australasia, Asia and Europe recently, including running a series of innovation programs for company directors. 
I will also be spending a lot more time writing articles and creating other content, including finally getting to writing my next book, on which more news soon. As such I expect to have plenty of content worth sharing.
@rossdawson on Twitter
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Ross Dawson

Global Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Strategy Advisor, Author
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