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Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #11

Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #11
By Ross Dawson • Issue #11 • View online
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Below in this newsletter, extensive coverage of the current implications of the COVID-19 crisis and looking past the pandemic to the future of work, society, news, travel, relationships, and more… Meanwhile I have been doing extensive work on virtual keynotes, notably on Reinvention for a Post-Pandemic Future, and virtual strategy facilitation on similar themes.
And if you missed it, I recently launched The Virtual Excellence Show, a community that explores the potential of virtual work, business, society, and humanity with weekly live conversations and regular segments to help our viewers achieve excellence in all things virtual. If this is of interest, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!
Wishing you a wonderful day! Ross

New resources
The two fundamental elements of strategy amid COVID-19: Survival and Reinvention
The amazing opportunity of balancing home, office, and 'third space' work post-coronavirus
Using scenario planning to see the world past COVID-19: a compilation of 5 insightful sets of scenarios
Quality news will be central to creating a better future in this pivotal phase in humanity
Civic technology, more than ever, will be at the heart of democracy and effective government
9 insights into the future of air travel in a post-coronavirus world
This crisis will spawn a vast spectrum of increasingly distinctive and unique organizations
Could the pandemic lead to global cohesion and a maturing of humanity?
The future of dating, relationships, and sex beyond the pandemic
Scanning the edge of the future
'There's a Wide-Open Horizon of Possibility.' Musicians Are Using AI to Create Otherwise Impossible New Songs | Time
How lockdown is changing shopping for good | MIT Technology Review
Audio Deepfakes Will Turn the Recording Industry on Its Head
Jacinda Ardern flags four-day work week as a way to rebuild New Zealand's tourism industry
‘These Ain’t Your Daddy’s Cubicles’: Say Hello to the Post-COVID Office
A 'pandemic drone' and other technology could help limit the spread of coronavirus and ease restrictions sooner, but at what cost? - ABC News
Will brains or algorithms rule the kingdom of science? – David C Krakauer | Aeon Essays
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