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Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #16

Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #16
By Ross Dawson • Issue #16 • View online
The very “interesting times” that came with the advent of the decade have not ended in 2022, with Covid-19 variants keeping emerging and extreme climate evident in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, among other confronting developments. While these challenges pull us into the present, they make future thinking even more important than ever.
However physical events are finally coming back, so while virtual keynotes can be fun, I’m very much enjoying getting back to the energy and impact of live audiences for my keynotes and strategy workshops!

New resources
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Lessons from the world’s top 10 completely virtual organizations - Ross Dawson
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Scanning the edge of the future
Artificial intelligence is breaking patent law
Mojo Vision's New Contact Lens Brings Seamless Augmented Reality a Step Closer
The Pain and Pleasure of Being a Cyborg | by Lidia Zuin | Medium
Snap announces a mini drone called Pixy – TechCrunch
Web3 Network Effects: Five Mental Models | by Sangeet Paul Choudary | BosonProtocol | Medium
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