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Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #4

Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #4
By Ross Dawson • Issue #4 • View online
As we head into the Southern spring I’ve been continuing to keep busy with client engagements, including a recent trip to Bangkok to talk about strategies for emerging technologies, helping a major insurer look at the future of life insurance, and working with a financial services company to help their staff understand how they and their roles will need to become more human as machine capabilities rise. As this newsletter goes out I am flying to Lisbon to give a keynote on a societal and business macro-view of the food of the future.
More episodes from my vlog and the Where the World’s Moving podcast series are out. I’m also working hard on some new frameworks and other structured content on AI, Platforms and other topics, hopefully out soon!

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Robots are already making decisions for us - how far do we want that to go? - Ross Dawson
Donna Haraway | Distinguished US Professor Emerita and a Great Futurist
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