Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #8





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Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #8
By Ross Dawson • Issue #8 • View online
I always love the sheer diversity of my work. Over the last months I have delivered keynotes on the future of… government, project management, mutual insurance, cyber-security, health supply chains, regional development, professional services, and retail, among other topics and industries.
At the same time I am continuing to work on the important topic of board innovation, and developing some new entrepreneurial ventures, about which more in upcoming updates.
Wishing you a wonderful festive season!

New resources
Launch of Governance for Transformation Framework
Seven Ways Boards Can Support and Drive Innovation
The potential beyond the threshold of space tourism: hypersonic travel, solar system colonization and more
Three vital ethical issues highlighted by the vast potential of neural interfaces
The future of retirement: blurring boundaries, helpful houses, robot pets, hypersonic travel
Agile legislation must be at the heart of the future of government
Three vital ethical issues highlighted by the vast potential of neural interfaces
The future of project management and leading organizations to become agile
Scanning the edge of the future
Paralysed man moves in mind-reading exoskeleton - BBC News
Bio-plastic made from fish scales wins UK James Dyson award - Big Think
‘OK Boomer’ Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations - The New York Times
Microsoft says four-day work week boosted productivity 40% - TechCentral
A sports car in the sky? Boeing and Porsche target urban air mobility market – GeekWire
These clothes use outlandish designs to trick facial recognition software into thinking you're not a human
Mini-brains may already be sentient and suffering, scientists warn
A space elevator is possible with today’s technology, researchers say (we just need to dangle it off the moon) - MIT Technology Review
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Ross Dawson

Global Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Strategy Advisor, Author
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