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Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #9

Keeping Ahead of the Future - Issue #9
By Ross Dawson • Issue #9 • View online
We most certainly live in interesting times! We must consider scenarios of global pandemic, as well as the potential that the current scare recedes before long. Among other impacts, events are being cancelled all over the world, resulting in less travel than usual for me and many others, and more remote presentations and consulting. As we push into the extraordinary 2020s we mustn’t waste this crisis as an opportunity for positive shifts, including in shifting to more remote work and flexibility in how we create collaborative value.

New resources
5 powerful ideas that will shape the 2020s
2020 and beyond: heightened climate activism, wealth divides, gender power shifts, entertainment economy
7 lessons learned from 20 years of professional speaking
50 years later: Humanity’s adaptation to Future Shock
The future of society in 15 years: a technology-fueled renaissance and social divides between humans and cyborgs
Prediction: the 2020s will build on the last decade of progress for an explosion in augmented realities
Scanning the edge of the future
Musicians Algorithmically Generate Every Possible Melody, Release Them to Public Domain - VICE
History of the two-day weekend offers lessons for today's calls for a four-day week
Goldman Sachs will no longer do IPOs for companies with all-male boards
Blind Woman Sees With New Implant, Plays Video Game Sent Straight to Her Brain
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