My new book Thriving on Overload Is out Soon!





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My new book Thriving on Overload Is out Soon!
By Ross Dawson • Issue #17 • View online

I’m delighted that my new book Thriving on Overload is being published by McGraw-Hill on September 6. It has been many years in the making and is by far the book I’m most proud of. 
The book is designed to be as practical and useful as possible in helping readers prosper in our world of excessive information, in filtering effectively, developing expertise, generating insight, and making better decisions. It draws on the practices I’ve developed over 25 years and insights from many of the world’s leading “information masters”. You can read more on the Thriving On Overload website.
Please consider pre-ordering!
If you think you might like to buy the book, it is particularly useful if you place the order before the launch, which helps others find it. You can do that on Amazon US or your choice of other retailers or countries. If you do buy it, you have earned my deep gratitude, thank you! 🙏
Early support for the book includes Fast Company naming it one of the best tech books of summer. Other kind comments include:
“A how-to for turning a surplus of information into expertise, insight, and better decisions.”
– Nir Eyal, Bestselling Author of Hooked and Indistractable 
“If you read only one business book this year, make it Thriving on Overload.”
– Nick Abrahams, Global Co-leader, Digital Transformation Practice, Norton Rose Fulbright
“If you’ve ever wondered where to start to prioritize your life, you must buy this book!”
– Joyce Gioia, CEO, The Herman Group of Companies and Author, Experience Rules
Book Trailer
For a quick summary, here is a 90-second video introduction to the book and its ideas.
Global speaking work
For the last two years, almost all my work has been as a virtual keynote speaker and strategy facilitator. The future of work and organizations has been a central focus, as well as the future of my usual industry sectors.
I’m delighted to be now back doing physical gigs and getting on planes, with global demand for my work rapidly picking up. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any possible opportunities. 
Have a fabulous day!!! 😊
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Ross Dawson

Global Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Strategy Advisor, Author
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